dharmacakra The Buddhist Community At Stanford


On-campus Resources

CIRCLE Library

A reference library of relevant materials, including books on meditation and Buddhism are available in the CIRCLE Library, on the 3rd floor of the Old Union building. (Please note that these are for reference only; they not to be taken from the room.)

BCAS Office

BCAS maintains an office (shared with the Bahá’í Association) on the 3rd Floor of Old Union, room CIRCLE 311. Many of our on-campus activities make use of the CIRCLE Sanctuary and Common Room which are also located on the 3rd Floor of the Old Union.

The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies

The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford presents many academic lectures and offers a wealth of information on its website. Some events are co-sponsored with BCAS, but you are encouraged to sign up for the Ho Center’s mailing list to keep informed of the full program.

Other Buddhist groups on campus

Buddhist groups in the wider Stanford area

Note: this is by no means an exhaustive listing. If you would like to suggest additions, deletions or emendations to this list, please get in touch.


Pure Land

Zen (Chan)

Vajrayāna / Tibetan Buddhism

See also BayVajra.info.

For more Buddhist groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, see also Bay Area Buddhism: A Seeker’s Guide, and UrbanDharma.org’s Buddhist Centers in (Bay Area) California page, which contains information culled from Buddhanet’s World Buddhist Directory.