dharmacakra The Buddhist Community At Stanford

Welcome to BCAS

The Buddhist Community At Stanford was founded to support members of the Stanford community who are interested in learning about Buddhism and deepening their engagement with Buddhist practices. It provides a space for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation and prior experience or knowledge, to engage with and learn more about what the many Buddhist traditions have to offer, and to develop spiritually nourishing friendships. BCAS is committed to ceasing prejudice and injustice in our wider communities, and strives to put Buddhist principles of compassion and wisdom into practice in both our own programming and beyond.

BCAS is not affiliated with any particular lineage or school of Buddhism and welcomes all students, staff, faculty and friends who are interested in or just curious about any aspect of Buddhism. All our events are open to everyone, and require no prior meditation experience or knowledge of Buddhism.

We hold a variety of events throughout the year, including weekly peer-led meditation sessions, Dharma talks from invited teachers, study groups and book clubs, visits to local Buddhist centers, film screenings, social gatherings, hikes, gardening, and other fun contemplative activities. Please see our Activies page for more information, and get involved.