dharmacakra The Buddhist Community At Stanford

BCAS Zen Sangha

The BCAS Zen Sangha is lead by Myoan Grace Schireson and meets on Monday evenings from 6.15pm to 8pm in the CIRCLE Sanctuary. Sitting meditation is followed by a talk and discussion, usually accompanied by tea.

Abbess Myoan Grace

Abbess Myoan Grace Schireson is a Dharma teacher in the Suzuki Roshi lineage empowered by Sojun Mel Weitsman, abbot of Berkeley Zen Center. She was asked to teach the koans she had studied at Tofukuji by Keido Fukushima Roshi, recently deceased former abbot of Tofukuji Monastery in Kyoto, Japan. Grace is the Abbess of the Central Valley Zen Foundation and has founded and leads three Zen groups and a Zen retreat center in California. Grace is also a clinical psychologist who has specialized in women and families. She has been married for forty-one years and has two grown sons and three grandchildren. She can be reached at www.emptynestzendo.org.